Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"The Perfect Mom"

 Ah the perfect mom...
She has all the time in the world.
Keeps the house perfectly clean.
She doesn't yell.
She has all the patience in the world.
She feeds her children all the best and never any junk.
She never puts anything above her children.
She always has the laundry done and put away.
She always cooks everything for all three meals for her family.
She always has time for a shower and to put herself together.
She never has a break down and can handle anything.
She can handle anything that is thrown at her.
She always has a smile on her face.
She is always happy.
Life is perfect!

What a bunch of BULL!
I'm lucky some days if I even get my contacts in and brush both of my girls' hair. I am tired of all of the judging that goes on with moms. I'm tired of someone getting bashed and looked at nasty when they breastfeed their child. And on the other hand all the slack formula feeding moms get. If your baby is growing and developing and is healthy...who the heck cares if it's breast milk or formula. 
And you're not allowed to raise your voice or yell at your children?! I'm sorry but sometimes you just get worked up and it happens. No, I do not like yelling and I try really hard not to but sometimes you just do it. And you know what? That does NOT make you a bad mom. 
I am also tired of all the slack I get because I don't raise my children "right" and spank them. Well you know what I just don't agree with spanking and that's MY choice. Not yours. That does not mean my children are going to be bad children. They get punished in other ways. But it is my choice and that does not mean they will grow up entitled or in jail as I've seen posts floating around saying.
Also, I rarely even have time to get a shower, or workout or do my makeup...and I even sell makeup haha! But having yourself put together all the time is A LOT of work when you have kids and well I am home all day long with kids...who cares if I have a full face on?! They don't! I don't! I use more dry shampoo than I probably should and I have started drinking coffee even though I hate the stuff...well cappuccino...mixed with cocoa...and creamer...but still it's coffee haha! But I NEED the energy! And that is all ok! My girls love me just the way that I am!
I am exhausted all the time. I am trying to keep my house clean and laundry done but sometimes I just can't do it all so something always seems to be slacking. It also doesn't help when you're cleaning one room and little ones are tearing apart another.
Seriously you will get frustrated and you will break down! Parenting is hard! It is the hardest thing I have ever done!
 I, also. am really bad about eating out. I can cook and I am really good at it but honestly I just am not the biggest fan of cooking every single night lol. So yes, we do eat out. And yes sometimes the girls get a happy meal. Freak out if you want but a happy meal once in a while is not that big of a deal and they get fed for that night and they are happy with their silly little toy for a minute. It is fine to have that easy night of no cooking and no mess sometimes...or a couple times a week lol.
You also have bad days and that's ok. Everyone has bad days! I seem to have a lot of them lately and I tend to focus on the negatives but there is so much positive when it comes to raising your babies. Just yesterday my house was a wreck and my oldest was puking...everywhere! It was awful and it was the longest day ever. But in the midst of it all my youngest was "writing" sweet little notes to her big sister and telling her she loved her and just wanted her to feel better. It was so sweet to see her love and concern for her big sister. My oldest, Makayla, also kept thanking me for helping her, cleaning her up, getting her things and just taking care of her! She was miserable but still showed her appreciation and love for me. And then today we had a great day and they both were just serenading me for a good hour to end the night! They were singing how much they love me and each other. They are just simply amazing! 
And that right there shows me I am the perfect mother for them! I am a good mom! It is ok to have bad days, to yell, to cry, to get frustrated and to get annoyed! You are still a great mom and you are doing a great job! I know I need others to tell me this and remind me sometimes so I am reminding all of you that can relate to this post that you are amazing and you are the perfect mom for your baby (ies)! Ignore those that tell you otherwise!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Revamping the Blog: Introduction

Hey all! I needed to clean the slate and start fresh!
So those that don't know me I am Megan Kelley from North West Indiana.
I am the mommy to two amazing little girls!
Makayla is a 5 year old spunky little thing! She just started preschool this year and is doing amazing! But she sure has the attitude of a teenager and boy are we going to battle when she's older haha! But she is so smart, so sweet, is an amazing big sister and she is a homebody and would rather stay home and hang out than go anywhere. Even though she's a pain in my butt at times I wouldn't have her any other way!
Victoria is my little bitty 3 year old! She is so tiny and I love it because she can stay my baby even longer! She is my little love bug! She is super cuddly, lovable, mommy's girl, super smart, best little sister, and is quite the daredevil! I hope she always stays so close with me!
These girls are my world!
Other than that I have my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and I have my MBA focusing on Human Resources. I currently stay home with my babies and run a home daycare! I have always been good with children and it just makes it possible to be able to be here every day for my girls since they were born. So thankful for that. I also have a passion for photography! I mainly photograph my girls and it is so much fun! I have done shoots with other families here and there but I mainly love doing it to photograph my babies growing up!