Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Revamping the Blog: Introduction

Hey all! I needed to clean the slate and start fresh!
So those that don't know me I am Megan Kelley from North West Indiana.
I am the mommy to two amazing little girls!
Makayla is a 5 year old spunky little thing! She just started preschool this year and is doing amazing! But she sure has the attitude of a teenager and boy are we going to battle when she's older haha! But she is so smart, so sweet, is an amazing big sister and she is a homebody and would rather stay home and hang out than go anywhere. Even though she's a pain in my butt at times I wouldn't have her any other way!
Victoria is my little bitty 3 year old! She is so tiny and I love it because she can stay my baby even longer! She is my little love bug! She is super cuddly, lovable, mommy's girl, super smart, best little sister, and is quite the daredevil! I hope she always stays so close with me!
These girls are my world!
Other than that I have my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and I have my MBA focusing on Human Resources. I currently stay home with my babies and run a home daycare! I have always been good with children and it just makes it possible to be able to be here every day for my girls since they were born. So thankful for that. I also have a passion for photography! I mainly photograph my girls and it is so much fun! I have done shoots with other families here and there but I mainly love doing it to photograph my babies growing up!


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